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Marquez and Vierge thrilled to kick off new Triumph Moto2 era in Jerez

Published: 23 Nov 2018

Xavi Vierge:

"I can feel so much more power compared to the engine we have been using in Moto2"

“Today was a very exciting day to start this new challenge and I have to say the Triumph engine is amazing. The torque is unbelievable and I can feel so much more power compared to the engine we have been using in Moto2, particularly when you open the throttle on the exit and accelerate. We need to work hard to adapt the bike and my riding style but I’m happy with how the first day has gone. With the Honda engine before you had to carry a lot of corner speed but I think the riding style now will be more like MotoGP where the exit of the corner is important to take profit of the engine."

Alex Marquez:

"The torque of the new Triumph engine is unbelievable"

“I am happy because so much was new for me today. As well as starting the challenge to understand the new Triumph engine I have a lot of new members in my team to work with as well, but it was a good day. Conditions this morning were quite tricky and we had to wait a while before we could begin testing. The bike is completely different and we need to put in a lot of work to get the right set-up and like always with such a new project we had a couple of small teething issues. My pace on the bike was good and my feeling is good as well because the torque of the new Triumph engine is unbelievable and it means you have a lot of fun riding. You need to pick the bike up more on the exit of the corner and that is something that I need to adapt to more.”

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